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Our Mission

The Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance promotes and supports collaborative conservation on the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant lands through ecological restoration, education, recreation and research.

Our Values

  • Following the values and tenets of the Badger Reuse Plan, we believe the entire Badger property should be managed as a whole through collaboration among and between landowners.

  • We believe that the best overall use of the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant is for prairie and oak savanna restoration, providing habitat for wildlife and opportunities for quiet recreation and enjoyment while simultaneously healing the land. The painting, “Sauk Prairie Remembered… A Vision for the Future” (see below) is our guiding visual depiction of this value.

  • Conservation on the Badger lands serves as a model for holistic landscape-scale region-wide conservation, demonstrating how land protection, ecological restoration, research, conservation agriculture and community participation can be integrated and mutually supportive.

  • The Badger lands have a unique geological, natural and cultural history and they provide a wonderful opportunity for community engagement, public education and research.

Goals & Objectives

  • Goal 1:  Promote and support fulfillment of the Badger Reuse Plan’s collaborative vision.

    • Objective 1:  Promote and help build cooperative working relationships among all Badger landowners and stakeholders.

    • Objective 2:  Advocate for realization of the Badger Reuse Plan’s values and criteria within (and beyond) the Wisconsin DNR’s planning process for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area.

    • Objective 3.  Promote public awareness:  (a) of the conservation value of the Badger lands; (b) of the vision for the future of the Badger lands that the Badger Reuse Plan provides; and (c) of ways to participate actively in creating that future.

  • Goal 2:  Invite and develop broad community involvement in the conservation future of Badger and the surrounding landscape.

    • Objective 1:  Develop a public education program.

    • Objective 2:  Continue to recruit and engage volunteers in restoration.

    • Objective 3:  Re-constitute the Alliance by forming partnerships with local and regional conservation entities (non-profits, agencies) to provide assistance to landowners for large-scale restoration.

  • Goal 3: Build a viable, effective and financially sound organization.

Sauk Prairie Remembered... A Vision for the Future

by Victor Bakhtin

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